We all experience customer service, without even realising it.  The only time you’re likely to notice, is when it exceeds your expectations, or it doesn’t meet them!

Customer Service is clearly a major part of any GP practice/Medical Centre’s corporate strategy to retain and attract new patients onto your lists.  Effective service is critical in helping a Practice/Medical Centre to meet its planned business objectives whilst meeting their patient’s expectations through excellent customer service.   CQC visits place additional pressures on all GP Practices to ensure they have well trained staff and robust processes in place to continue to improve the patient experience.

This training session will help your staff increase customer satisfaction, by drawing on their inherent people skills.  We will use insights from the world of psychology, we provide people with the practical tools to deliver excellent customer service – every time.

In the session your staff will look at the importance of a holistic approach in the practice to meet patient expectations whilst ensuring you are allocating appropriate levels of time, money and resources to ensure patient is effective.


  • Defining customer service and what it means for the success of the practice/medical centre
  • Understanding every customer and managing their expectations – reception and over the telephone
  • Understanding the verbal and visual cues of customers that enable you to meet their individual needs
  • Understanding the benefits of different communication channels and knowing when to use them effectively
  • Dealing with difficult/aggressive patients and using your people skills to turn a situation around/keeping safe
  • Measuring customer service, evaluating and making improvements

The onsite training is highly participative.  It is built on the experiences of your teams real life patient scenarios in the practice/medical centre.

Our Trainer:

Experienced trainer in delivering into many GP Practices/Medical Centres and has worked in the NHS for many years and therefore appreciates the challenges being faced on a daily basis by your team. Mike, our lead trainer has an excellent reputation in running training sessions that have a high level of interaction and keeping the training relevant to your GP practice/Medical Centre. PowerPoint is not used in these sessions unless you are planning to run the training for a larger group of 10 or more.

These are a few comments from our clients: 

  • Makes you realise just how valuable patients are to the practice
  • A very enjoyable and informative session
  • Good for team building in the Medical Centre as all areas took part
  • It was good to discuss actual instances with colleagues
  • Helped me to relate what we were learning
  • I liked the psychology behind what the trainer was saying
  • Felt the balance was right – informative and enjoyable
  • The course was made far more interesting because we discussed issues rather than looked at slides for three hours
  • I found the trainer put the content across very well – held my attention throughout
  • Extremely useful gave me much to consider when dealing with complaints
  • A very well presented, concise and professionally delivered course
  • Information given easily and conversationally
  • I felt we were participating fully and responded to
  • Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of positive ideas to action

Preferential rates for in-practice training:

Three hours session:   £575 plus vat & travel costs (if applicable)



  • Supporting training materials for upto 10 people
  • Tailoring to your GP Practice/Medical Centre
  • Expert trainer (NHS experienced)
  • Stationery and certificates

Timings: Suggested 1 pm to 4 pm

Larger groups of 10+ can be accommodated – please email or call us below to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Check your preferred date: 

E: info@gppracticetraining.co.uk

T: 01423 861122.