Assertiveness Skills Training Course

This course will help you improve how you interact with others by becoming a better listener, asking effective questions and developing robust briefing and negotiation skills.

Course can be delivered via Zoom, in-house or at another location to suit.


  • Be able to communicating your message to patients with greater confidence
  • Be more aware of your emotional feelings and responses to patients in the GP Practice/Medical Centre and how they are received
  • Recognise your behaviours and how you communicate with patients – identifying when you are excelling and where there is room for improvement
  • Greater understanding of body language both positive and negative towards and from patients
  • Have greater confidence in handling abusive patients and high pressured situations
  • Using more assertive skills in how you relay information to patients and avoiding more abrupt/aggressive and passive behaviours
  • Be able to demonstrating higher levels of attentiveness in the GP Practice/Medical Centre
  • Progressing issues/complaints effectively and improving customer service to your patients in the process
  • Develop an agreed action plan to implement back in the practice

Our trainer:

Experienced trainer in delivering into GP Practices and has worked in the NHS for many years and therefore, appreciates the challenges being faced on a daily basis by your team. Mike, our lead trainer has an excellent reputation in running training sessions that have a high level of interaction with those attending and keeping the training relevant to those attending and your GP practice. PowerPoint is not used in these sessions unless you are planning to run the training for a larger group of 10 or more.

What our clients say?

  • Discussions about our `real problems’ was very helpful!
  • I am now able to make my points more clearer to other people and be more assertive
  • Helped to raise my confidence and self-worth
  • Very informal, friendly and helpful
  • Really helped me realise the importance of putting myself first and to recognise I am important
  • Raise my confidence in gaining clarity from my manager
  • Thank you very much for an excellent course, which I would thoroughly recommend and I’m feeling very positive that I will become more assertive from now on!
  • Excellent course with good input and good speed of course covering all my needs

Preferential rates for in-practice three hour training session:

£575 plus vat & travel costs (if applicable)


Supporting training materials for upto 10 people

Tailoring to your GP practice/Medical Centre

Expert trainer (NHS experienced)

Stationery and certificates


Suggested 1 – 4 pm


Larger groups can be accommodated – please email or call us below to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Check your preferred dates by:


T: 01423 861122.