Handling Difficult and Aggressive Patients Training Course

Our tailored three hour training session aims to refresh and enhance your confidence in handling patients who become difficult and aggressive on the phone and on reception desks. This training is specifically targeted at GP Practices and Medical Centre’s.

The course can be delivered via Zoom, in-house or at another location to suit.


  • Appreciate the reasons why patients become difficult and aggressive
  • Directing and maintaining control of difficult situations
  • Being professional and confident in defusing and problem solving
  • Applying techniques and tools to get across your messages without making the situation worse and the patient misinterpreting your behaviour
  • Making the patient feel important by using active listening and the use of effective questioning to get to the facts and respond effectively
  • Using simple psychology techniques to adapt your behaviour and attitude towards patient as well as being away of their state of mind
  • Being more assertive in knowing when to challenge and influence inappropriate behaviour towards you and others
  • Greater awareness of your assertive tone and body language
  • Using proven techniques to calm down difficult and abusive patients whilst making your point without being perceived as aggressive
  • Importance of managing your patient’s expectations and moving to resolution where possible

Comments from some of our clients:

  • Excellent team discussions
  • Really useful and helpful
  • Really helped me to be more professional and assertive with our patients
  • Now have more ways to help resolve issues with our patients
  • I am more confident in resolving situations
  • Learned a number of useful phrases to actively manage patients
  • We can achieve better outcomes for our patients

Our trainer:

Experienced trainer in delivering into GP Practices and has worked in the NHS for many years and therefore, appreciates the challenges being faced on a daily basis by your team. Mike, our lead trainer has an excellent reputation in running training sessions that have a high level of interaction with those attending and keeping the training relevant to those attending and your GP practice. PowerPoint is not used in these sessions unless you are planning to run the training for a larger group of 12 or more.

Preferential rates for in-practice three hour training session:

£650 plus vat & travel costs (if applicable)


Supporting training materials for upto 12 people

Tailoring to your GP practice/Medical Centre

Expert trainer (NHS experienced)

Stationery and certificates


Suggested 1 pm to 4 pm


Larger groups of 12+ can be accommodated – please email or call us below to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Check your preferred date:

E: info@ripleytraining.co.uk

T: 01423 861122.